Frequently asked questions

What does each icon mean?

Closed event The event is closed.

Expense with comment The expense has comment.

Expense created by you The expense was created by you (you are the only one who can edit it).

You are in the expense You are among those who paid or shares the expense, so it will change your total balance.

Manually inserted value Manually amount entered by the expense creator.

Couple relationship Member forms a couple with another member.

Suggested expenses Suggested expenses.

Expense with attachments Expense with attachment.

Copy event Copy event.

Share event Share link for inviting participant

Expenses analysis Event's expenses analysis.

Result simulation Event's result analysis.

Download spreadsheet Spreadsheet download with all event's data.

How to use Evenfy?

When the sign up is completed, create an event, its members and start adding expenses.

You can also share links with your friends so that they can join the event by replacing the members that you have created.

What's the step by step process?

  1. Create an event.

  2. Create the other members of the event.
    Optional Share invite links with your friends so that they can join the event by replacing the participants you have created.

  3. Add expenses and/or let other people who you have invited to add theirs.

  4. With all expenses added, the event creator can close it to check who pays whom.

  5. Some members pay their debts, mark their transactions accordingly and the other members that have being paid confirm their receipts. With all transactions paid, the event status changes to settle.

What's an event?

A trip with your friends, the monthly home expenses, the office or flat you share, a party or any other gathering you have organized.

Can I remove an event from my list?

Yes, on mobile apps, select an event, access the general info screen and tap on 'Archive' button.

On the website, the archive button is available on the top right button group of event page.

What are the expenses of an event?

Supose you organized a party with your friends and shared the responsability for buying the stuff with two more friends. Each item you've bought is an expense of the party (event) which you guys paid to share with others later.

Is it possible to search for an event or an expense?

Yes, on mobile apps, open the menu and select 'Search Event and Expenses' option.

On the website, the search field is above 'My Events' table on the main page.

Who can see the messages posted by event's members?

Only the event's members.

In fact, it is interesting that who's created the event send a message to confirm if everyone has inserted their expenses before closing the bill.

What are contacts?

Contacts are people with whom you joined events. A contact can be added to an event without having to click an invite link sent by a member. It's a faster way to add people to events.
Someone becomes your contact when:

  1. the person joined an event through an invite link or,

  2. a member of an event adds the person who is already his/her contact.

Can I invite someone who is not registered on Evenfy to an event?

Yes, you just have to share an invite link of a participant that was created by you or another member of the event. After clicking the link, the person you invited will be asked to sign-up to Evenfy and will join the event by replacing the participant whose link you shared.

Who can edit an event or an expense?

Only the person who created it, although, all members have access to any info about it all the time.

How does Evenfy define who pays who?

By closing the event, Evenfy will calculate the smallest number of transactions in order to guarantee that all members can settle up their debts.

Can I reopen an event after it has been closed?

Yes, since nobody has confirmed any payment or receipt yet.

Even considering that nobody has confirmed any payment or receipt yet, we recomend to send a message asking everyone about the reopening because some member may already has paid something.

How does a couple work?

If you and your partner are already each other's contact you can send an invitation to form a couple with him or her.

When there is a couple in an event and one of them has to pay while the other has to receive, we will calculate a payment in order to settle the debt between them before determining the rest of the transactions.

If both people forming a couple have to pay or receive any amount from the others, nothing changes and the number of transactions will be normally minimized.

The couple relationship must be created before the event is closed, otherwise it won't be considered in the payments definition.

Can I choose who pays me?

No, Evenfy is very democratic concerning that. No event member has any privilege regarding the way transactions are defined. Our aim is to offer the best available option for the whole group.

The only exception occurs when there are couples among the members, but we believe that defining, if it is the case, a transaction between them is the best way to benefit all.

How does payments confirmations work?

When the event is closed, each member knows if he has to pay (receive) any amount to (from) someone to settle his share.

Supose you have to pay someone. As soon as you transfer the amount, you ought to click the respective 'Paid' button so that we can inform the receiver about your payment. When he verify that and confirm the receipt by clicking the respective 'Receipt' button, the transaction will be considered as settled.

It is interesting to mention that you can confirm the receipt even without a payment being informed (sometimes useful when the amount to be received is too low).

Is it possible to forgive a debt? A very low amount to receive, for example.

Yes, you should confirm the transaction as paid by clicking the respective 'Receipt' button.

How are the cents distributed when there is a remainder in the division?

Supose that when dividing the expense's amount among the members the remainder is 3 cents and there are 4 members in the event.

In this situation we will have 3 people randomly paying an excess of 1 cent. Under no circumstance a member pays an excess of more than 1 cent.

This way we ensure a fair distribution without any kind of preference among members.

Which file format can I attach to an expense?

Image files (JPEG and PNG) and PDF. It's an easy way to attach a receipt, take a photo of a paid bill or any other information that can help on transparency and organization.

Can I copy an event?

Access event details and click on the copy icon. All event members will be added to the copy as well as the expenses that you select.

How can I secure my data with passcode lock?

Go to menu on your mobile app an click on 'Passcode Lock' option. After a password is set, everytime the app goes background it will require your password to unlock.

How can I use the expenses analysis and how can it help me?

In certain situations it's important to know the weight of each expense within an event. For example:

  • Which expenses can you try to reduce when reviewing your home budget.

  • Better understanding your business's cost structure in order to manage it more efficiently.

The calculation basis for all percentages is the expenses' total amount, thus, the percentage beside each expense is how much it represents of the total.

How can I use the result analysis and how can it help me?

Depending on the event, it's useful comparing the expense's amount with a revenue to learn how your expenditures are been covered and if there's surplus or lack of resources for that. For example:

  • The household income of a couple who shares its expenses.

  • The revenue from a business during the period covered by the event.

The user enters a revenue amount and with the event's cost structure available it's possible to analyze how the net result behaves. Considering that the revenue is a manual input, the user can use this tool to simulate different scenarios and evaluate the result obtained (profit or loss) on each of them.

What information does the the downloadable spreadsheet have and how can that be useful?

The spreadsheet is useful when you want to:

  • Analyze data in a customized way.

  • Join data from 2 or more events by combining 2 or more spreadsheets.

  • Have your own local backup with all event's data.

In order to offer flexibility, the spreadsheet contains the following sheets:

  1. General event info
  2. Members
  3. Expenses
  4. Paid by
  5. Shared by
  6. Payments
  7. Messages

You can relate 'Who paid' and 'Who shares' sheets with the 'Expenses' one through 'expenses' ID' column and with the 'Members' sheet through 'member's ID' column.

Expenses, payments, messages and event itself have creation time and date.

Remember that while the event has not been closed or even settled, data can be modified and a spreadsheet obtained before that would be outdated.

Can I select which emails I will receive?

Yes, on the website access 'Edit profile' by clicking on your name in the navigation bar on our website and select which kind of notifications you want to receive by email.

How can I select another currency?

You select a currency when you create an event. With the event created, all its expenses will be denominated in that currency.

The total balance displayed on the first page filters only events denominated in your profile's currency. You can select another currency by editing your profile.

What is the revenue model for Evenfy?

As an Amazon associate, Evenfy earns from qualifying purchases.

It is important to note that we do not share any user data with affiliate programs such as the one provided by Amazon.