More features, less work

Have all your shared expenses' details and analysis in your hands

Copy events and add passcode lock

Save your time cloning events with their expenses and secure your data on mobile devices

Attach images or PDFs to your expenses*

Provide payments receipts, bills photos or any other information that may improve transparency and organization.

* Up to 100 MB per month

Have a clear overview of the event's cost structure

A straight and simple way to better understand your home expenses, the costs of the event you have organized or the bills in the office you share with your partner.

Enter a revenue and simulate results

The revenue might be a couple's earnings to cover their monthly expenses or the income from your business. This tool offers you a clear overview of how your earnings are being consumed.

Spreadsheet download with all event's data

With the data in this format you can customize your own analysis.

The image below is just an example of what you can build by yourself with events spreadsheets.